School Policies

Classroom conduct is simply an extension of the Biblical principles of honesty and
courtesy to the administration, the teacher, and fellow students. Students will be
encouraged to give all teachers and adults the highest level of respect.


Students will be taught and encouraged to respond to all teachers and adults by saying “Yes Sir”, “No Sir”, Yes Ma’am”, and “No Ma’am”. Students are expected to be attentive in class.


Talking, unnecessary noise, working on unrelated materials, writing, reading, or
sending note/letters are inappropriate. Food and chewing gum are not permitted in the classroom unless the teacher deems it appropriate for an activity or another occasion.


All electronic devices must be turned off and given to the office personnel to be kept
for the day.


A “Hands-Off” policy applies to all students at all times, at all school functions. (6
inch rule) Students of the opposite gender may have no physical contact of any sort,
at any time.

A Day At VBA


All students should arrive at school no later than 8:00 AM, but not before 7:45 AM.

Break & Lunch Time:

The morning break will be at 10 AM and the lunch break will be at 12 PM.


• School will be dismissed at 3:30 PM.
• Students will remain in the learning center until they are picked up.
• When picking up your student please wait for the student to be released by a
• At 3:45, any student not picked up will enter aftercare.
• Any student leaving with a person not on the student’s pickup list must have
written parental permission to do so.

Lunch & Snacks

Students may bring a cold lunch or one that may be easily heated in the microwave. Snacks brought for morning breaks should be a healthy snack rather than sweets.

Hours of Operation:

Student time: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Staff hours: 7:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

School Calendar

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