Our School

Victory Baptist Academy, a ministry of Victory Baptist Church, is a new private christian school located in Baytown, Texas. Victory Baptist Academy began in 2017 as a result of a burden upon the heart of Pastor David Cripps Sr. After much time in prayer before the Lord, Pastor Cripps brought the vision before the church as an alternative to the humanistic-based philosophy being taught in public schools throughout our state and nation.

All policy decisions are made by the pastoral staff of this local Baptist Church. The Word of God is the foundation of our church and school. Our prayer is that you would choose to make it the foundation of your home as well. If all three institutions are based on the Word of God, we will succeed together. If there is disunity between the home, church, and school we will fail.

Our Administrator

"Dear prospective parents,
​It is my privilege to introduce you to our school and to know of your interest in Christian education. We realize that the education of our children is of the utmost importance and is a responsibility given to us by God. Thank you for considering allowing us to partner with you in helping your children reach their God-given potential.

Let us work together to ensure a bright future for our children."


David Cripps Sr


Our Purpose, Mission, & Values

Our Purpose:

The Purpose of Victory Baptist Academy is to provide an educational institution that
stresses, attains, and maintains an academic excellence with a Christ-centered emphasisband a godly environment that encourages each student to know Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior, develop a meaningful relationship with Him through the Word of God and prayer, and to build his life on the principles and convictions of Biblical truths.


Our Mission:

The Mission of Victory Baptist Academy is to enable each student to achieve God’s
will for his life tomorrow by equipping him to fulfill God’s will for his life today. If our
students live in God’s will today, they will fulfill God’s will tomorrow. To help us achieve this lofty goal, we have developed several values. The following is
what we value both at school and in life:


Our Values:

The following is what we value both at school and in life:

Submission: By submitting to my God-given authorities today, I am demonstrating
my love for the Lord as well as preparing myself to submit to His authority as an adult. If I will not submit to my God given authority today, I cannot submit to God’s authority tomorrow. I will submit to the authority God has placed in my life.

Respect: By showing respect to all people including my parents, teachers, and peers,
I please the Lord and earn their mutual respect. If I will not respect my parents, teachers, and peers, I cannot expect them to respect me. I will show respect to everyone I encounter.

Responsibility: I am responsible for my attitudes and actions. If I will not have the
character to discipline myself to behave properly and fulfill the tasks assigned to me, I have no one to blame but myself. I will accept the responsibility to perform my duties to the best of my ability. I will also accept the responsibility when I fail to achieve my best.

Integrity: I will strive to do what is right to the best of my ability regardless of who is
watching me or what I can gain from doing what is wrong. If I do the little things in life with integrity, God will trust me with the big things. I will do all things, whether in public or in private, with integrity.

Humility: I realize that when I compare myself to God, there is no room for pride.
Because of this I deserve nothing. It is only through Christ that I can do all things. I
realize that I have shortcomings and will accept discipline and correction as it helps make me more like Christ.


We believe that if our students will live these Biblical values in their everyday life,
they will achieve God’s best for the rest of their lives. We also ask that parents model
these values at home as we strive to model them at school.

Our Curriculum

Victory Baptist Academy currently uses the A.C.E. Program.


This is an individualized program that places the responsibility for learning on the student rather than the teacher. In a traditional classroom, time is the constant and learning is the variable, but in the ACE program learning is the constant and time is the variable. Students are responsible to set and accomplish goals for daily work.


Supervisors are present to motivate the children to do their best and to help when the child reaches an area of difficulty. While the administration of Victory Baptist Academy believes in the quality of education the ACE program provides, it is our goal to transition the academy to use the Abeka program in the years to come.

Our Educational Goals

• To secure personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior.
• To enrich the student's devotional life.
• To awaken a realization that God has a purpose and plan for each student’s life.
• To develop the ability to find help independently in the Scriptures.
• To instill knowledge, love, and understanding of the Scriptures.
• To cultivate a love for the unsaved that leads to responsible witnessing.


• To develop a positive attitude in reactions of life.
• To discover and develop individual aptitudes.
• To cultivate the powers of analytical thinking.
• To impart a command of knowledge and skills.
• To inspire appreciation of worthwhile activities.

• To instill a loyalty to Jesus Christ in all things and at all times.
• To develop a sympathetic understanding and active interest within the family unit.
• To help students share Christian responsibility as a citizen for the welfare of groups       to which he belongs.
• To awaken and foster missionary responsibility toward home and foreign fields.
• To develop an understanding, appreciation, and love for the soul of man.

• To develop a respect for the body as the temple of God.
• To teach intelligent care of the body.
• To encourage the yielding of the body as an instrument for God's use.

• To build a Christ-controlled personality.
• To establish an emotional balance.
• To enable the student to adjust himself easily.

Our Beliefs

As a ministry of Victory Baptist Church, Victory Baptist Academy adheres to and supports the doctrines and beliefs of Victory Baptist Church.


Victory Baptist Academy

1800 E Archer Road | Baytown TX, 77521

(281) 421-4862