k4-12th Grade

The purpose of Victory Baptist Academy is to provide an educational institution that stresses, attains, and maintains an academic excellence with a Christ-centered emphasis and a godly environment.

Each student will be encouraged to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, develop a meaningful relationship with Him through the Word of God and prayer, and build their life on principles and conviction of Biblical truths.

Our Program

Individualized Program

Victory Baptist Academy utilizes the A.C.E program which offers an individualized approach to learning. Information is broken down into twelve packets per year which students compete at their own pace. Students' work is carefully monitored to ensure learning is taking place.

Kindergarten K4/K5

By the end of this program your child will be able to read through the traditional method of Phonics, write in manuscript and cursive, and solve basic addition and subtraction problems. ​

David Cripps Sr


"Dear prospective parents,
​It is my privilege to introduce you to our school and to know of your interest in Christian education. We realize that the education of our children is of the utmost importance and is a responsibility given to us by God. Thank you for considering allowing us to partner with you in helping your children reach their God-given potential.

Victory Baptist Academy is a ministry of Victory Baptist Church. All policy decisions are made by the pastoral staff of this local Baptist Church. The Word of God is the foundation of our church and school. Our prayer is that you would choose to make it the foundation of your home as well. If all three institutions are based on the Word of God, we will succeed together. If there is disunity between the home, church, and school we will fail. Let us work together to ensure a bright future for our children."

​To request more information please email me at vbabaytown@comcast.net. I look forward to hearing from you."

Enrollment Information

Complete the enrollment process in 3 easy steps:


Please download and complete any required documents from the following below:


Send us your Application and Registration form via email at vbabaytown@comcast.net.


Recieve an email from us with additional steps.


Victory Baptist Academy is located on the east side of Baytown, Texas about 30 miles east of downtown Houston. We are located on East Archer Road right down the street from Stallworth Stadium.


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Sonia Cripps

Administrative Assistant of VBA









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